GSI works with American Bible Society and most of the 146 members of the United Bible Societies Fellowship. In addition, GSI works for a number of external clients that are seeking to ensure that their approach to ministry is the most effective and has the most impact possible.

In 2011, GSI worked with Global Scripture Ministries — the ministry arm of American Bible Society. GSI prepared 66 Impact Reports, 78 Impact Assessments and four Sector Reports.

“When so much is given by so many — roughly two out of every three Americans make charitable donations every year — those handling the donations need to use every tool available to increase confidence in the efficiency and effective use of the funds. Global Scripture Impact helps givers and ministries achieve greater impact with their gifts by providing increased transparency and accountability at the project level.”

Robert Briggs, executive vice president of Global Scripture Ministries

The Canadian Bible Society is using GSI to analyze the projects its donors are supporting.

“Donors want to know how their money is being invested and because Canadian Bible Society wants to honor our supporters, we use GSI and its extensive network to give us in-field reports. Our donors appreciate the transparency and accountability these reports bring to our mission.”

Giorgio Gori, Canadian Bible Society

Philanthropic organizations outside of the UBS Fellowship also recognize what the GSI methodology can do to ensure their donors are investing wisely.

“The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) is committed to responsible philanthropy for our donors. Through a demanding process of research and follow-up in partnership with Global Scripture Impact, we work to ensure that gifts given to ARDF are effectively put to work meeting needs, rebuilding lives, demonstrating the love of Christ and building His Church.”

Nancy Norton, Anglican Relief and Development Fund

If you are interested in how GSI can help your organization, contact Director of Client Development and Operations Ellen Strohm at 484-654-3490.